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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Vertical gardening

There was I thinking Succulents were a bit dull. Then I saw this:

A nice little project perhaps?

Friday, 18 February 2011


I am not a patient person. Waiting for other people to get things done is the worst. I fully stand by the phrase ' If you want something done, do it yourself'. However this makes it all the more frustrating when you know that you have to let other people sort things out.

Case in point: House buying. All we can do is constantly badger everyone. Lawyers, estate agents, lawyers, bank, lawyers... Please please please, if there is someone out there listening who has the power to speed this up, I will honour them with every variety of baked good I can think of (when I get into my new kitchen).

We are so close. I literally can't take it any more. Come on people - pull it together! This needs to happen NOW or else I am going to be homeless in 2 weeks time. Better start collecting boxes - that way if we can't pack at least I'll have something to live in...

If only it were this easy.

This is pretty fancy cardboard house, this would do.

 Cardboard castle anyone?

Thursday, 3 February 2011

colour lover

Probably my favourite colour. Must use this somewhere.

(I'm also loving that chair)

Perhaps as the colour at the back of some shelves like this:

Why do some things just look better in pairs?

My Mum (who is a freelance florist) says that flowers always work best in odd numbers - it's something to do with our minds embracing chaos - it looks more natural.

But sometimes things just look better in pairs. I think a pair can often look more considered than one thing on its own. For example:

 ...Pair of lamps, pair of perspex tables, pair of white ottomans. This room looks so smart. 

Of course other good things also come in pairs...