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Monday, 21 March 2011

Homeless no more!

For all of last week we were technically homeless. Prior to that I spent a week in bed with laryngitis whilst my flat mate knocked down walls in the flat... What fun. I have never been so stressed out and miserable in my life (for which I am sure the boy will vouch). Thanks to the hospitality and all round loveliness of friends I didn't have to resort the cardboard box fort, but it does feel so so good now to have the keys to the new place. Even if we are now living surrounded by unpacked boxes.

Sadly, the ideal scenario of redecorating before we moved in was never to be. We have a few more weeks wait before the sale is completed and I can get at the paints. This does however mean that I have plenty of time to consider the colours... and a small spree in the Habitat sale has temporarily sated my urges to buy house things.

I am in love with my new Kura origami lamp shade 

But I have some projects in mind for the other pendant shades required. I think this should be easy enough to recreate:

And I'm thinking about something inspired by this scrap paper light, by Gabrielle Guy as featured on Design*sponge.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Is it Spring yet?

We aren't quite there yet I know. After the mild weather last week this cold snap is a sharp reminder that we have only just escaped February. But it is past 5pm and it is still light out so that has to stand for something.

I keep seeing lots of lovely (horrendously expensive) spring flowers and foliage in the overpriced London florists and I am really tempted by the beautiful Pussy Willow - but I hate the thought of paying so much for something I know I can find just growing by the road side at home.

A few weeks a go, Chinese New Year, the oriental supermarket near us had bunches of real Cherry Blossom - beautiful! Good house keeping suggests a good all year round cheat: