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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Interior compromise

Okay, so I may not be contemplating arrangements for the new place (the damp saga continues), but I have been thinking about bedside tables for a while, so this doesn't count. I've been considering them partly because the old filing box currently serving as my b.s.table is bowing a bit under the weight of half finished books... and also because the boy does not have one on his side and it drives me mad how often I trip over his water glass in the morning when I go to open the curtains... grr

As bits of furniture go, it seems a bit excessive to spend a lot of money on something so small, and since the filing box served its purpose (until now) I concluded that I could find other suitable alternatives to that which Ikea and the like offer. Then I saw these posted by the always useful Design*Sponge, and promptly decided alternative side tables were definitely the way forward.

Since books are not something I am short of, this could work! Though I would be likely to have to keep rebuilding the stack when I wanted one of them... and perhaps not best considering my track record for knocking over cups of tea in the morning. (this = tea stained expensive hard back books)

Then there is this plant pot table option. Quirky. I like it.

Only problem with these is lack of storage. I do like having a draw or something. More ideas to think on at the very helpful Planet Green...

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