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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Collections in colour

It's January. It is grey and dull. I may be failing to inject much colour into my wardrobe (grey has become a comforting staple), but I fully intend to make the most of colour in our new place.

We are once again mid-purchase, in that weird solicitor filled conveyance limbo between offer accepted and completion. So, whilst I don't dare yet post any room specific ideas, I'm allowed to have great ideas yes?

So, in the name of injecting colour:

I thought this was a clever, and unusual way of organising your books. I may however me a bit too OCD to try it! Maybe just with one shelf to begin with...

The colour grouping thing is good though. It brought Tony Cragg's sculptures to mind (get me with my modern art references - this year I vow to use my degree in any way possible!).

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