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Monday, 4 April 2011

Tea? - Always.

I rarely refuse a cup of tea. It is even rarer that the boy refuses one. Memories from University days long past, in the post night before mornings, when there was not a clean mug to be found in the house, of making his cup of tea in a pint size Pirex measuring jug... yes the whole jug.

This billboard in Shoreditch never fails to make me smile. I always agree with it.

On Saturday I spotted this lamp which I had never noticed before, over the bar at one of my favourite ladies lunch spots in Bermondsey. It made me want tea. In pretty cups.

On Sunday I finally caved in to my urgent need for Scrabble Mugs. I only bought 2, but I fully intend to eventually have 6 at least, since you can't play scrabble with just 2 letters. I did actually need them, since up until now in our house you could either have tea in a tiny thimble of a mug or a huge (stolen borrowed acquired) Starbucks mug. Not that I need to justify myself... okay they are not exactly cheap... but I love them.

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